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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


  • is low-threshold social work
  • is a current method of social work and youth work.
  • adresses target groups, who are not reached by other methods of social work (homeless, addicts, adolescents, sex workers,...)
  • is partial and campaigns for the concerns of the particular target group.
  • represents the interest of people whos living space and place of socialization is the public space
  • depends on long-term strategies, consistency and professional relationship.

    Streetwork means precisely:

    • Streetworkers act in the living environment of the particular target group.
    • Spontanous Acting in crisis situations.
    • Continuous contacts and relationship building.
    • Self-organized working and self-responsible decisions in the particular field of responsibility, on the basis of aim-oriented procedures.


    • Immediate support: short-term stabilization, supply of basic needs.
    • Long-term support: stabilization of the personality, developement of own perspectives, encourage social integration
    • Case work or group work.
    • Support in problematic situations (relationship, addiction, formation, ...)
    • Leisure time activities: positive self-expression (sports, music, culture, outdoor education,...)
    • Companionship and support in awkward situations