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Sunday, 17. June 2018

Dynamo International Flash ...

... betreffend Video-Wettbewerb zum Thema „Unsere Straßen“

International Short film Contest

 Our Streets

After the "Nos Rues-Our Streets-Nuestras Calles" photograph contest, we would like to know what you really think of the street, of you street. This is important to show your realities, your wishes and your point of views on any matters. Decision-makers can learn loads from these short films...

Short films made with the cellphone, tablet, videocams or cameras...

Theme:  Our streets, streets, the Street… a definite view of the street, a metaphor of the street (a space for life, expression, exclusion, participation, etc…)

Pre-enrollment before 30th of june, 2013

12.06.2013 23:50 Alter: 5 Jahre